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What are you giving your Valentine?!❣️💌❣️

💕If you’re looking for that unique, ultra special gift, to give your Valentine this year—then give the gift of Kelby’s Original Art!!

💕A painting is a special gift for men and women of all ages! I am currently taking custom orders for Valentines Day. 

💕Hurry before I am completely booked!! E-mail me at, or contact me directly, with any photographs or ideas.  I will promptly get started on your order for you to have ready for that special moment, guaranteed. 🤗


Hunting? What about a custom commission of his favorite hunting game (fish, duck, deer, etc.), a family hunting cabin/piece of property Landscape, etc?

Just Married? What about a painting of your wedding venue, invitation, flower bouquet, cake, shoes, or event your wedding dress, honeymoon photos etc?

Vacation Spot

Sports: Favorite team/player, golf course, etc.

Favorite Flowers

Your Beloved Pet (Can never go wrong here!)—See my Portfolio page to see some recent pet portraits I have done.

First Home

Their “Favorite” ... (Whatever that may be!)

A Print of anything on my website. Can be on 100lb paper or stretched canvas. Prices vary depending on size and format.

BELOW: a current work in progress on some ducks! (Be sure to check my next blog post to see a cool video of this painting coming to life!)

BELOW: Red Fish on Pine

BELOW: examples of a few of the ideas listed. (**ALL of these are still available for sale in my shop!!**)

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