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Kelly Flaherty, CPA, LLC

For those of you who don't have a CPA (or maybe you do, but need better assistance with your finances) for your future, or current, business needs/tax filing needs.. you should definitely contact my best friend, Kelly Flaherty! She will enhance your business, mindset, and give you phenomenal advice! Kelly goes above and beyond for her clients and I highly recommend her to anyone!

It has been a true blessing and luxury to have Kelly Flaherty as my CPA. She keeps the financial aspect of my growing business organized, and really works with me to simplify the complexity of 'crunching the numbers'. Kelly is very transparent, and I have full trust in her guidance. I hope that you will click on her business website, below, and really consider contacting her!

Congratulations Kelly!!!!!!

Click on image above to be directed to Kelly Flaherty CPA, LLC.

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